Quotations – Step 1

The first step for many of our customers is to request a quote.  Listed below are the various quotation services we provide, and a detailed account of each.  It is designed to let you know what to expect from our estimators, and also what we in turn require from you in order to provide an accurate quote with which to proceed efficiently.

Once you have a definite date to move, you can phone our Head Office to request a quotation by means of a visit to your home (or if applicable business premises). This is known as a Site Visit.  If preferred, you can use our On-line Quote Form, or alternatively email your enquiry to phillipsremovalsltd@outlook.com.

Site Visit:

A date and time that is convenient to you will be arranged for one of our fully experienced estimators to call at your home. This should take around 30 minutes and is a free quotation with no obligations.  All of our quotes are tailor-made to suit the individual requirements of the customer.  Our estimators do not earn commission on any of our services so there is no ‘hard sell’ technique used. We simply believe that our company will sell itself.

Once inside, our estimator will proceed to evaluate each room, and write the details onto a Specification Sheet accordingly. These forms are confidential and consist of relevant information (such as sizes) to enable the correct vehicle allocation and accurate costing for your removal.  Its at this point that you should bring to the estimators attention any specific requirements (such as dismantling furniture) or any other requests. These will be highlighted on the form, a copy of which will act as a continuous point of reference for everybody involved throughout your move.

Before your job commences, the estimator will speak DIRECTLY to the removal team allocated to you, and will reinforce any important notes and requests mentioned on your paperwork.

Our estimator will then discuss in depth all aspects of the move with you, from preparing and packing to what happens on the day itself.  He will also answer any questions you may have and will again note down any relevant comments to include on your notes. He will then ask you to read and sign the Specification Sheet to ensure no important points have been overlooked.  Obviously, if you later think of something more to add, or any details change, you are welcome to phone/email the office and your file will be updated.

Quotes will usually be sent to you within 48 hours of the visit unless requested on site. They will usually be sent via first class mail but can be emailed if preferred. The quotation is valid for 30 days.

On-line Quotes

Although we prefer to visit the property to provide a quotation, we understand that this is not always possible, often due to location of the customer or time constraints.  Alternatively, you can request a quotation from us is via our On-line Quote Form . Once filled in and submitted, we aim to provide an accurate quotation within 48 hours. We will also send you out our standard quote sheet with details of the move and our terms and conditions on (for your information). You will also find an Acceptance Form (see below).

Acceptance – Step 2

Once you receive your quotation, you will find attached an Acceptance Form.  If you decide to accept our quote then you need to sign this form and deliver/send it back to our head office (see ‘contact us’). You need to keep the Quotation (top copy).  Note: Acceptance Forms must be signed and returned to us before the removal can commence. You can however e-mail confirmation to secure your date and then send us the signed form.